KHONS is founded in 2012, which is a high-tech manufacturer that focuses on the R&D and production of new energy electric vehicle charging equipment, and provides solutions for equipment and  operation ports for global customers.
       After 11 years of development, Khons has two modern production lines of 100,000 class purification workshop, with a daily production capacity of 1600 units; Khons is the first company  in China to make 32A three-phase portable charger,and also the first company in China to applylnternet of Things technology (IOT)to charging piles.Our core products:portable charging  equipment,wall mount chargers,business intelligence charging pile and charging accessories.   Which its own brand of "KHONS",it is a national higt-tech anterprise with more than 30 utility  model patents. With raliable product quality and perfect service guarantee system,we insist on continuous innovation and development around customer needs,and devote ourselves to  expanding the international market.Currently,our business covers more than 70 countries and regions around the world.
       Khons pursues the glorious mission of making charting easy and convenient,always adhere to  the spirit of contract,around customer needs,people-oriented,quality of survival, innovation   and development. We will continue to break through ourselves and strive for the vision of global dual-carbon goal and green energy solution integrator.


We are committed to becoming a global green energy solution integrator.
Contact Information

Tel: +8618884856657
Email: cnkhons@cnkhons.com
Add: 4208-4209, 42th Floor, IMP Duhui Square,
No. 318 Dongda Road, Chengdu, China
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