Charging Solutions for Hotel and Restaurant

Charging Solutions for Hotel and Restaurant


Attract new guests by offering an electrifying service with a charging station.

The market for electric cars is growing rapidly with an annual increase of almost 100%. Electric cars are being increasingly used for holiday and business trips. The availability of a place to charge a car is the deciding factor for an electric car drivers choice of hotel or restaurant. For this reason, hotels and restaurants which offer a charging station can particularly reap the benefits. Attract new customer groups with an on-site charging service and give yourself a permanent status as an innovative hotel or restaurant. Moreover, with a charging station for electric stations, you will also collect bonus points for your hotels classification and positive restaurant reviews.

Charging solutions and more

As the leading service provider when it comes to charging infrastructure in the field of electric mobility, KHONS can offer you charging solutions that are specially tailored to your requirements. Our charging stations for electric cars enable you to offer your customers professional charging options and ensure you receive our optimum full service package. Take this opportunity and make your hotel or restaurant even more attractive to customers! As a particular highlight, we would be delighted to add you to leading map services and navigation systems. This will increase your visibility and coverage as a hotel or restaurant that welcomes electric cars. On request, we can also provide you with intelligent charging stations which make it possible to record data on the charging electricity, and offer billing and evaluation options.

We are committed to becoming a global green energy solution integrator.
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