Charging Solutions for Public Institution

Charging Solutions for Public Institution


Planning and concept

We will gladly compile a concept for your optimum charging solution.

Our Concept Professional answers the most important questions you’d have with respect to planning the electrification of your fleet. From the number of charging points to the charging and energy management system, we take all key factors into account for your concept.

We are thus able to give you a dependable basis for making decisions.

Charging stations

Whether it’s on the company premises or for your workers at home: we have the right charging stations for your electric company car fleet. Vendor-neutral and tailored to suit your needs.

Check and installation

If desired, we can install your charging solution on the company premises and at your workers’ homes.

Our installation partner will check your site: Is the building installation fundamentally suitable for charging electric cars? How much power can be used to charge electric cars at the site?

You will then receive an individual quotation, precisely tailored to your needs and the conditions on your premises.


With our billing portal, you can charge for charging processes quickly and straightforwardly, regardless of whether your employees charge on site or at home.

Our billing solution enables fully automated billing of all your charging processes, with kWh precision - across all sites and in a consolidated bill.


Our energy management system, is the perfect software for controlling your charging infrastructure.The system sustainably integrates your electric fleet into day-to-day operations and supports you in controlling, monitoring, billing, and evaluating the charging processes. The intelligent load management optimally distributes the power available at the site to the connected vehicles, ensuring cost-efficient operation.

We are committed to becoming a global green energy solution integrator.
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